MJW Careers Services

Companies, government, high schools, colleges & universities seeking recruiting or outplacement support...
We provide recruiting services to support human resources and management with staffing by executing timely searches and networking to ensure fulfillment of human capital management requirements. Please contact our organization to learn more about our recruitment pricing model.
We provide personalized outplacement services featuring one-on-one time with a Career Transitions Consultant at pricing below many group seminar-based and individual outplacement modules. Whether the employer is downsizing one or more employees, we provide companies and their HR departments with the means to offer them effective and affordable outplacement services.

Pricing for Outplacement Services
We offer three competitive outplacement services packages with various advantages beneficial to a former employee. The pricing varies pending number of employees needing services. We can provide a detailed pricing brochure upon request.
Silver Package Outplacement Services include career transition counseling, job-hunting practices & techniques overview, cost of living calculation, six-month Career Guidance seminar membership, lifetime enrollment into our JobStickers newsletter & JobStickers social networking site, Job Search Work Team implementation, Internet as a source training package (including personal website development information), salary negotiation training, interview training, self-marketing skills training, and networking training.
Gold Package Outplacement Services include Silver Package plus our one-on-one career consultation, customized career assessment with free salary report and attendance to one motivational speaking seminar.
Platinum Package Outplacement Services include Gold Package plus our professional resume writing service & critique, cover letter preparation and interview follow-up letter services, two personalized phone-coaching consultations, six months of our personalized career-focused contact management system, and one mock interviewing session with feedback.

Job seekers needing help...
We provide personalized career support services for any person in any industry. Whether you are re-entering the workforce and need to understand how to use the Internet as a tool, a union member needing to draft up a resume for the first time, someone wanting to improve his or her interviewing skills, a military veteran in transition who needs a resume that displays his or her duties translated into civilian terminology to better increase interviewing prospects, or a seasoned professional who wants to boost his or her earning potential and marketability, we are here for you as your one-stop expert career center. We offer an a la carte pricing menu as well as bulk pricing options for each of our services, including:
**Resume Writing & Critique
Cover Letter Preparation
Follow-up Letter Preparation
Customized Career Assessment
Salary Report
Interview Training
Mock Interview Sessions
One-on-One Career Consulting
Career Seminars Enrollment
Job-Hunting Techniques
Cost of Living Calculator
Internet Resume Posting & Consultation
Internet Job Search
Internet Research
Internet Marketing
Personal Website Development
Self-Marketing Training
Networking Training
Job-Loss Counseling
Individual Outplacement Services
**Our resume support team has a long history working in Human Resources and on recruitment/staffing teams across a variety of industries. We setup our resumes in a fashion that allows employers to review the applicant's assets and highlights his or her accomplishments, while maintaining brevity.

Career motivational speeches...
We offer motivational speaking services on the subject of career advancement and strategies, which include candid information from an experienced human resources recruiter. We also offer tailored speeches on specific careers, customized for your industry.