Monday, January 3, 2011


MJW Careers will be giving away 1 free resume each week! Also, $10 referral bonuses for everyone! Here's how it works:

1. We will be posting a photo each or every other week (on one random day/time) on our Facebook Page here:

MJW Careers Resume Writing Services, Outplacement and Career Coaching Facebook Page

2. The first person to "tag" the photo with his or her name receives a free resume or a credit for a free resume for the future (or to be given to a friend in need).

3. Beginning next week, MJW Careers will be posting a weekly VLOG on our Youtube page that will contain a "secret keyword" at the end of each video (there will not be a secret keyword on EVERY video, so you have to monitor it closely). The first person to post that "secret keyword" on the Facebook page above will receive the free resume or credit. Here is the Youtube page:

MJW Careers Resume Writing Services, Outplacement and Career Coaching Youtube Page

4. Subscribe to this JobStickers Blog, MJW Careers Facebook Page and MJW Careers Youtube Page to stay up to date on all announcements and contests.

5. Referral Bonues: For every person you refer, you will receive $10 if that person decides to get a resume developed by MJW Careers. Meaning, if you tell your friend about MJW Careers Resume Writing, I will give you $10 if your friend purchases a resume from me. Make sure you let that person know to mention your name when contacting me!


Matt Warzel
President, MJW Careers

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