Sunday, March 27, 2011

JobStickers Podcast #7: Phone Etiquette for Job Seekers


The 7th MJW Careers' JobSticker's podcast series will be focused on phone etiquette for job seekers. It is important that every single aspect of your job search is sharp and effective, including your messages and phone interviews with potential employers.

On the show, we discussed some tips and don't forget about our Free Resume contest. For more info about these and other great job hunting tips, please visit or our website

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  1. Voluntary Work
    This valuable experience is useful in your career planning. A voluntary work placement in the industry you would like to work in can give an insight of what a future career would be like. Volunteering is a great chance to develop new skills and gain hands-on experience in the workplace. This provides a better chance of standing out amongst other applicants when applying. Gaining contacts during a voluntary work placement can also be helpful when applying for jobs.

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  2. Make sure the body of the resume is in black and the font is a standard one that everyone will have on their computer. professional resume examples Make sure - most of all - that it is easy to read.

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